Vessel Management

Vessel management requires expertise, flexibility, and technical knowledge—an arena where solid credentials are essential to achieving success and meeting the goals of the owner.

The owner of a vessel needs to feel confident that their expensive yacht is maintained in Bristol condition all year round. Leaving a boat unattended for extend periods of time can exact harsh and expensive tolls on any boats interior and exterior surfaces, onboard systems. These facts require expertise and diligence on the part of a yacht manager.


Yacht Logic believes the goal of the yacht manager is to maintain a ship in ready to depart condition at practical costs. To that end, we have a team who is specifically trained to handle:

A routine maintenance schedule for all vessel systems and equipment.

The refits, repairs, maintenance and classification of a yacht.

Continued evaluation of the yacht's suppliers, contractors and subcontractors to keep the yacht's maintenance within the budgeted parameters.

Regular inspection of the ongoing maintenance schedules.

Insurance claims.

Scheduled maintenance and repair scenarios, which include dry dockings, shipyard projects and major refits.  We have well-established relationships with a host of marine vendors and shipyards. Any commercial discounts that we obtain are direct benefits to the yacht owners.

Provide needed support for spares, chandlery, purveying and fuel bunkering while underway.

If a vessel is a charter vessel maintain in top drawer condition for highest revenue development.

Please, contact Yacht Logic for details in having your vessel managed properly.

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